About Us.

EQU Financial provides a secure path to buy, sell, and process US coins. We’re backed by private funds - meaning there’s a reserve of resources to guarantee payment for either party.


Our team will tailor a plan for all your coin deliveries and collections through armored carrier partners.



Personalized transactions deserve personalized assistance. 

Each transaction has a unique purpose. To ensure that both parties are satisfied, we offer fast, innovative, and tailored support to help move and process your US coin. We’ll pull in our business partners to develop a top-tier strategy that works for your goals in an accessible, low-risk, and timely manner.



Corporate Policies.

EQU Financial’s policies derive from Vortix Group’s General Code of Conduct. All policies are designed to establish a new standard of corporate governance and principles to support EQU’s core objectives on behalf of its shareholders, including sustainable profitability.


Our Team.

Ethical, and professional - terms that not only define our company, but our team. With up-to-date training, an in-depth understanding of best practices, and high international standards.


Contact us.

US +1 619 599 0696

MX +52 (664) 134 4758


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